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How to Draw Science Comics-Workshop with CSIR, India. To watch the recording on YouTube click on the image.

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To download the presentation at India Science Festival click here

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To download the presentation at Chitrakatha’21 click here

Here is the YouTube link of the talk and discussion, Click here


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Watch the webinar in YouTube

Science Comics making workshop

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Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, IIT Gandhinagar and Design and Innovation Centre at IIT Gandhinagar organised a one-day hands-on workshop on science comic-making on February 8. The workshop was attended by students and research scholars of the institute who were inspired by his scientific storytelling through comics. The participants learnt the basics of comic theory, including the grammar of comics and sequential image-making. The workshop aimed at helping them to think in terms of visual narratives and visually represent their work better.

CogniTalks 2020


Talk on challenging image-text dichotomy in science and history of science through sequential graphic art (comics)

Organized by Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences-IIT Gandhinagar

Here is the summary of the talk-series

Drawing Knowledge


Talk on how comics could be used as a tool to reconstruct the visual culture of science and history of science.

Organized by Somdatta Karak from  Center for Cellular Research and Molecular Biology, CSIR.

To find the lecture slides click here.

Science Stories from CCMB

 (comics workshop on scientific talks, organized by Somdatta Karak from Center for Cellular Research and Molecular Biology, India and Makerfare, Hyderabad)

In this workshop how comics and visual narratives can complement scientific talks was presented.

Different Aspect of graphic narratives

rusa 2

(A workshop under RUSA- Rashtriya Uchchatara Sikshya Abhijan scheme)

Inaugural talk of the workshop, conducted by the Department of Comparative Literature,  Jadavpur University

To find the lecture slides click here.

Comics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

 (A five days of hands-on workshop on graphic narrative, organized by  Kolkata Center for Creativity.

In this workshop, the participants were provided basic training to create their own visual narratives. A special session was arranged to narrate science and comics.

To find one of the lecture slides click here.

Workshops of Horrible Creations

(Organized by Jadavpur University, Department of English and Kalpabiswa webzine to celebrate the bicentennial year of the Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein)
In this workshop how  “History of Science Fiction” is related to “History of Science” was presented in comics format.  As a model ‘Somnium’ by Johannes Kepler  and the influence of 16th-17th Century Astronomy on Somnium was discussed. Along with this, the participants were encouraged to tell such a story in comics.

You can find the talk slides  here

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