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DRAWING FAMINE: Behind the scenes

A couple of months ago I discussed with Gayathri Vaidyanathan, from Scroll and Leaves about creating art during Covid-19, and the Great Bengal Famine.’ In my free Chatroom Podcast we discussed ‘making comics on the Bengal Famine, 1770 in collaboration with Debkumar Mitra (funded by the Famine Tales from India and Britain project) and other artworks, behind-the-process and inspirations.’ Listen to the podcast here.

This blog post is based on that podcast narrating behind the process of drawing the history of the Great Bengal Famine, 1770.

Artwork: Argha Manna and Debkumar Mitra

Cover Image: Debkumar Mitra

Text: Gayathri Vaidyanathan

Keep your eyes on Famine Tales from India and Britain website. Our graphic meta-fiction on the Great Bengal Famine has been exhibited at the University of Exeter Forum, UK. Click here for details.

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