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Be Aware of Droplets and Bubbles!

Covid-19 appears to spread mostly through respiratory droplets.
But what is a droplet and how can droplets spread diseases?
Here is a short graphic essay to finding out the answers.

 Pathogenic respiratory droplets mostly created by spitting, sneezing and coughing in public.
But what happens when someone spit?
Here is the answer through visuals.

All the visuals have been created following the fascinating researches done by Lydia Bourouiba and group, Fluid Dynamics Lab Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The comics has been published as a graphic essay in Annals of Internal Medicine, December 1, 2020: Click here

——-Featured in Graphic Medicine-The Best of 2020 (JAMA):Click here

——-Featured in COVID19: Educational Comics respository by Graphic Medicine: Click here

Here is the original publications from Bouroubia group: click here

Video Gallery from Bouroubia’s research: click here

1 copy color

2 color


4 copy color

5 copy color

6 copy color

7 copy color

8 copy color

9 copy color

10 copy color

11 copy color

12 copy color

13 copy color

14 copy color

15 copy color

16 copy color

17 copy color

18 copy color

19 copy color

20 copy color

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