United Brothers, the story of the first scientific society in colonial India-AN ESSAY IN COMICS

  Historiography of a colony always has been dominated by the winners of the colonizing game. Settlement of a colony was not a linear story whatsoever. Rather it was a story of battle and game, winning and losing. History of Science in colonial India was no exception. British were the colonizer who's thrived and endured... Continue Reading →


Birth of the ‘First Science Fiction’

  In the year of 1593, Johannes Kepler submitted his thesis ' Somnium see Astronomia Lunari' for getting a degree from Tubingen University. But his thesis got a rejection. University administration found it fictional. But Somnium was based on 16-17th Century Astronomy. Later Kepler developed his thesis into a Science Fiction, the first science fiction... Continue Reading →

On the shoulder of William Coley

Monday this week, James Allison and Dr. Tasuku Honjo were awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine, 2018. They have discovered immunotherapy to fight against cancer. Allison and Honjo's discovery is extremely important to humankind. But in this context, we should not forget a nineteenth-century American surgeon at the Hospital for the Ruptured and Crippled who had... Continue Reading →

Kangri to Kairo. It’s ‘Hot’!

In his seminal paper, published in the first issue Indian Medical Gazette (1866), William Elmslie reported about uncharted and unidentified Kangri Cancer, a cancerous condition caused by portable brazier (please see the blog post, 20th August for elaborate reading).  But in his paper, Elmslie raised a vital question? Whether Kangri Cancer was exclusive to Kashmiris?... Continue Reading →

A preacher and the dawn of cancer research in India

It was 1864. After the Sepoy Mutiny, the British were keen to develop the medical services all over India. Calcutta Medical college still was going through preliminary volatile phase after establishment. In such a situation, William Jackson Elmslie came to India, as a medical missionary. William Elmslie was a medical graduate from Edinburgh. The medical... Continue Reading →

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